Thursday, 8 December 2011

Upcoming for Dec 2011

Several Vancouver bands have received good press lately in Punk Globe magazine, an LA based magazine with a long history. Bands include Little Guitar Army, I, Braineater and 22nd Century.

Magnetized Productions is putting on a few shows including one night at the Troubadour Nightclub
in Langely, BC Friday, January 20th

Playing will be:

Versus The Nothing

Edges of Seven



Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Jesus Krysler, Little Guitar Army, I, Braineater and Lady Starlight

Selected New Gigs, Upcoming:

November 9 BIG TROUBLES LIVE AT ZULU RECORDS! Wednesday 6:00pm - 9:00pm Zulu Records is super excited to present Slumberland recording artists Big Troubles! The handsomest boys in Jersey are stopping by after their show with Real Estate to play an all-ages set among the finest collection of vinyl and CDs Vancouver has to offer!

Nov 17 Mr M & The All Nighters, High Society and Katelyn Molgard at The Railway.

Nov 18/19 Jesus Krysler (CFOX Seeds finalists) will be at the Princeton Pub in November for a weekend of comedy and music and getting together with some friends to play and have a good time show at the Princeton Pub on Fri./Sat. Nov.18th/19th. It will be a low/dough affair with a $5 cover to make it easy. Rock and Roll in the record shop - don't miss it!

What just happened:

Little Guitar Army, I, Braineater, the Deadcats and East Vamps rocked the Chapel Arts (304 Dunlevy Street) on Friday night. LGA once again performed a brilliant set with the Deadcats ramping the audience up in classic punkabilly style.

Lady Starlight, DJ to Lady Gaga and support on tour for Judas Priest, faced a truly appreciative crowd at Joseph Richards Sunday night along with I, Braineater and an onslaught of fashion. During the same night members of Judas Priest and Joyce Collingwood shared stories and drinks -

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Vancouver punk Rock Reunion!

For those in the know (actually in the 'in crowd' enough to be invited to this private event), the 3rd annual punk rock reunion was a complete smash.  The list of performers read like the who's who list of the "anti" west coast music scene.  We were lucky enough to be invited and got to interact with some great people.  The only disappointment was that some music greats, like Randy Rampage (DOA, Annihilator) and Mellow Friesen and Sonny Dean (Little Guitar Army), were not even performing and there to enjoy the show.  The Rothschilds Darryl Stapleton was on hand as always and big Doug Smith brought the crowd to it's knees with a great performance by The Strugglers.  Strugglers front man, known only as the Bert Man, closed their set with a wicked rendition of TurboNegros' "The Age of Pamparius" with Orchard Pinkish grinding out guitar tones worthy of TurboNegro lead guitarist "Euro-Boy".

Photo: Christine Percival

Super punk girl Gerry-Jenn Wilson (below left) joined I, Braineater's Jimmy Cummins with stellar lineup of Duane Chaos (Guitar), Zippy Pinhead (drums) and Tim Plommer (bass) for the finale.

I, Braineater, playing in nothing but metal and black leather, are in the studio to complete a CD dude out before the end of 2011.  For those who missed this show, talk to your friends and get on the guest list for next year.  In the meantime, there is a not so secret event Sept 9 at the Fairview pub for Zippy Pinhead's birthday bash which will surely be a blowout to celebrate the end of summer.  The lineup is believed to be The Rothschilds, Vancouver's all girl punk band Joyce Collingwood, I, Braineater and more.  Not to be missed.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

22nd Century headliner at Cambie Music Festival

VANCOUVER, Aug. 10, 2011 /CNW/ - Returning to Vancouver after playing venues in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, Vancouver's own rockers 22nd Century will headline on the main stage for a local performance at the Cambie Street Summer Sizzler. The Vancouver, BC performance takes place around 6:00 PM near city hall at 7th and Cambie streets. The band, composed of Duane Chaos, Zippy Pinhead and Tim Plommer, were scheduled to play last year but had to cancel after bassist Duane Chaos had a near fatal bout with spinal meningitis.

Rania Hatz, one of the event organizers, spoke about the band. "These guys are veterans of the local rock scene and they always put extra effort into hometown performances. The event is family friendly but expect to see a rock show that scorches the sidewalks.

Bugnut Records recording artists 22nd Century have enjoyed a quick rise on the international music scene hitting #1 spots on Verzik (fan voted Indie rankings) and Somojo's UK indie rock charts. They are played on radio stations in over 35 countries and have just secured deals to tour to California and Europe before the end of the year. They have two studio CD's as well as appearing on several compilation projects from Eastern Europe to LA.

Image with caption: "22nd Century to Headline Major Street Festival in Vancouver August 13 (CNW Group/Two Bit Thug Productions Inc.)". Image available at:

Thursday, 7 July 2011

My Own Chaos - A Westcoast Staple

My Own Chaos is a Vancouver based metal band that mixes traditional metal with thrash and straight ahead rock. This band formed in 2008 by the duo of vocalist Connie Chaos (no relation to Duane Chaos) and guitarist Oleg Za.  The heavy influences of their previous experiences in Sister Sababath can be heard mixed with fresh energy brought on by the addition of bass player Eric Wolf (Infernal Majesty) and guitarist Alex Dubreuil.

The recording of "Hella Good" betrays the bands heavy influences.  Make no mistake about it.  My Own Chaos is not here to push out music that has been done.  Our first impression was one of Rob Zombie meets Motorhead with Blondie screaming into a rain barrel in a perfect mash of chaos, melody and a heavy, riff laden back line.  You will not fall asleep with this music playing.

Oleg's use of the 7 string guitar comes out well with lower toned, crushing guitar riffs that blend seamlessly with Connie's voice.   The production is right in the sweet spot, not too over-produced yet full enough to allow the listener to hear the subtle distinctions that augment the main melodies.  This textured, layered approach is a similar model to the way JR's vocals blended with Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones riffs yet modernized with the heavier sound and faster tempos.

Check out the band's website and tour dates on their home page.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Vancouver’s construction industry unites to build a school on the other side of the World

Vancouver BC - Project Tujifunze (Too-gee-fun-zay, Swahili for Learning), is a joint Canadian-Tanzanian project dedicated to helping the youngest and most vulnerable children in Mwanza, Tanzania, to have access to basic, quality education.

By building a nursery school in an area called Fumagila on the outskirts of Mwanza city, the project offers an innovative, sustainable and replicable model of facility and education methodology that conforms to the country’s Millennium Development Goals.

The post and beam construction will uniquely incorporate material from the old ‘sails’ of the Canada Place roof in Vancouver, donated by our most recent partner, Canada Place. Many thanks to Architecture for Humanity for their assistance. Other critical material donations were coordinated by Intermind Design as well as project advising. Certainly, the project could never have succeeded without the extraordinary generosity of Dick’s Lumber and their help with the wood and construction materials that will become this African school, together with a remarkable donation by Oasis Windows who have generously provided the windows for the school.

The school has been designed to incorporate solar energy and methane capture technologies, passive airflow cooling, rain water harvesting, and use and re-use of various local Tanzanian materials.

In addition to the classrooms and teachers’ accommodation the school will have a solar energy-charging kiosk that will provide power for the school’s needs and also provide much needed income to help fund the school. This is achieved by offering solar-charged portable battery-powered inverters for rent to the local community to run their radios and charge small items such as lights and cell phones. Imperial College London UK and Solarville, Canada have been key contributors to the solar energy station and will be installing the system on-site.

A large portion of the school has been prefabricated and loaded together with the structural materials, school, medical and children’s aid supplies into a container donated by DP World Vancouver who together with Hyundai Merchant Marine is kindly shipping the container to the Tanzanian port of Dar es Salaam free of charge.

No project of this kind can be a success without an outstanding team. In partnership with BCIT’s Architectural Sciences and Technology program, this project benefitted tremendously from students’ extensive research in a custom BCIT course dedicated to developing the best possible school design. A number of BCIT students will even come to Africa to help. In addition, BCIT instructor and architect Wesley Wollin has worked Pro Bono to hone this prototype school design incorporating many of these researched sustainable systems and features, assisted by architect Heather Stuart.

Dale Vandenberg’s Red West Construction is generously providing two highly skilled construction specialists to oversee and build the school pro bono. Amazingly, over a dozen dedicated volunteers and professionals are also personally taking time away from their work and families, flying to Africa at their own cost, and helping to get this school built.

Curriculum development and teacher training are most generously provided by Henry Kulaya, Deputy Headmaster of Nottingham Academy, UK.

This project is also in kind partnership with Afretech Aid Society, a BC registered charity experienced in working in Africa, founded by retired teacher Bonnie Sutherland, who also arranged generous amounts of school books and badly needed medical supplies with the help of Rotary Vancouver. Also, Rotary Club of Tsawwassen and Mwanza have been instrumental in facilitating this project. On the ground the local partnering Tanzanian children’s charity is CIT - Director Timothy Timanywa.

Soccer equipment has been generously provided by the Tsawwassen Soccer Club and the Dunbar Soccer Association.

Sincere gratitude for the major contributions from Apollo Au, Gwen Megrian, Jackie Mack, Ivy Chang, Goran Djordjevic, Doug Muir, Johanna Ahn, 22nd Century, Alita Dupray, Rob Montgomery and No Quarter, Hot Lucy, I Braineater, Jesus Krysler, with MC Ron Reyes and many many other contributors and corporate sponsors of the Skoolaid music benefit fundraising events.

Funding is still needed, so to join this very special group of prestigious corporate sponsors in the home stretch of this capital campaign for the Project Tujifunze please contact Susan Bibbings at 604-222-9229 or

This project started as a promise to the children of a Tanzanian nursery who were being schooled in a makeshift classroom without power, toilets or water. With extraordinary support from businesses and countless individuals who are willing to give their time and resources, this project will profoundly change the lives of many children over the coming years, bringing education and hope to those who had neither.

Susan Bibbings, Founder of Project Tujifunze
Tel: 604-222-9229 Fax: 604-222-1223
E-mail: or
For more information

A great interview with Infernal Majesty

Sometimes, pictures and video speak louder than words. Everyone in Vancouver is proud of Infernal Majesty until they wear their Leafs hockey jersey's.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I, Braineater Rumors are True!

Yesterday we confirmed with new I, Braineater lead guitarist Duane Chaos that a new I, Braineater album is in fact in the works. Producer Gord Nichols is working the band through the rings at Suicide Studios in East Vancouver. Singer/Founder/Artists Jimmy Cummins will re-record several of the top songs from past records but in a new, hard rock style. Greats will include Funtime, Edge, Dragons, Sacred Cow, Modern Man and some new material.

The band is rumored to be rounded out with legendary drummer Zippy Pinhead, Tim Plommer (Anthill, 22nd Century) and possibly Randy Rampage (DOA, Annihilator) on second guitar. While unable to confirm the lineup or possible tour dates, the album is slated to be released later this year. This is one album you won't want to miss!

Duane Chaos, Jimmy Cummins, Randy Rampage and drummer Jon Card (DOA, SNFU) share the stage as I, Braineater last summer at the Rickshaw.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Randy Quaid recording pair of songs in Vancouver

As reported by the Globe and Mail, Randy Quaid is in a Vancouver studio recording two songs he debuted live earlier this month. Star Whackers and the ballad Will We Be Together Then are expected to be released digitally by Maximum Music/EMI, likely in late April.

Maximum Music Group president Brian Watson said he made the proposal after hearing Quaid and his band The Fugitives perform the songs at The Commodore Ballroom.


Saturday, 2 April 2011


The new album from the StrokesAngles, debuted at Number Four on the Billboard album chart on Wednesday (March 30th), selling 89,000 copies in its first week of release. The disc was the third straight effort from the New York band to debut at Number Four on the chart, following 2003's Room On Fire and 2006's First Impressions Of Earth. The band's 2001 debut, Is This It, never got higher than Number 33 on the chart.
  • The next biggest rock debut was from Panic! At The Disco, whose third album, Vices & Virtues, sold 56,000 copies to land at Number Seven. This is the group's first release since it split in half two years ago.
  • Green Day's live album, Awesome As F***, entered the chart at Number 14 with 27,000 copies sold, while Soundgarden's concert set, Live On I5, sold 11,000 copies to land at Number 47.
  • Saliva entered the chart at a disappointing Number 85, selling just 6,500 copies of its new album,Under The Skin.

Jesus Krysler reviewed in Georgia Straight

Jesus Krysler's Shades of Soul is straight out of the '70s

By Mike Usinger (

Shades of Soul (Independent)
There’s nothing wrong with going the retro route, this having been proven by everyone from Jack White and the Kings of Leon to local heroes Pride Tiger and Sun Wizard. But there’s a fine line between clever and plain old puzzling. Jesus Krysler falls on the latter side of things with Shades of Soul, a record that seems designed to make one wonder what decade the trio is living in.
Read the rest of the article here:

Friday, 18 March 2011

New - Official Infernal Majesty Youtube Channel!

Vancouver based metal band Infernal Majesty has just launched their own YoutTube Channel. Formed in 1986, Infernal Majesty has withstood the tests of time, changes to the music industry and lineup changes by largely ignoring anything that is not at the heart of thrash metal. As far as we can tell Infernal Majesty is still a staple in the Vancouver music news scene. Their next scheduled show is April 26/2011 at the Rickshaw Theater in Vancouver, BC Infernal Majesty shares the stage with Destruction, Heathen and Warbeast

Their lineup consists of:
Brian Langley - Vocals (Mecha Messiah, Tyrants Blood)
Kenny Hallman - Guitar
Steve Terror - Guitar
Eric Dubreuil - Bass, Backing Vocals (Nekromantik Kurse)
Kris DeBoer - Drums (Nekromantik Kurse, Artep, Grudge (Can))

The new YouTube channel sadly lacks much (if any) live footage :-(

Vancouver's The Mighty One on tour in Texas

We've been following the antics of The Mighty One on Youtube as they play Six Flags and SXSW in Texas. One thing that really rubs a lot of musicians the wrong way the the monopolistic business practices of SXSW. They have handed their entire artist application process over to SonicBids, in exchange, charges each artist applying to play at SXSW $35.00 (price may vary by country). No one should have to pay to apply to work. That is wrong. Shame on SXSW for this.

OK - no more rants. Enjoy the boys from The Mighty One and follow their YouTube channel:

Vancouver Music News Japan Earthquake Victim Relief

Tonight (Friday March 18th) at the Rickshaw an event originally supposed to be a fun night of rocking has turning into a heart warming fundraiser for the relief effort in Japan. It started from one rocker, Darryl Stapleton guitarist for the RothChilds, asking What can we do as musicians?  This has now expanded into Phat Lizzy (consisting of members from 22nd Century and Jesus Krysler) and Eddy Dutchman of The Wally 's jumping into action by donating 100% of their pay for the night to the Canadian Red Cross Japanese Relief effort.

Each of the bands has a personal connection to the disaster most significantly Darryl Stapleton s ex-wife and significant other who are currently in Japan. All involved have been tirelessly working to get the message out and drum up as many attendees and donations as possible. When asked their views on the night Thin Lizzy tribute band Phat Lizzy, replied This generosity from musicians comes at what is notably the worst time financially to be in the industry. It impresses me to see the other bands so eager to give to their fellow human beings when live performances are one of the last remaining revenue streams for artists.

On a personal level this show hits close to home as my dear sister in-law is from Japan and her family still lives there. Watching her try and reach them with spotty communication and at times only having the tv reports to go by has lit a fire in my sole that drives me to help in anyway I can. I ask everyone to help in anyway they can and hope to see the Rickshaw filled to capacity tonight, the show will not disappoint.


Lineup and times:

Phat Lizzy + video shoot 11:55-12:30

The Melody Pimps 11 - 11:40

Radio Burnin 10:15 - 10:45

Loco Mosquitos 9:30 - 10

Covergirl 8:45 - 9:15

Fabulous Wallies 8:15 - 8:30
- Foxy Handler

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Review: Bad Johnny Law, The Alaska, Exer, Fanaticus, 22nd Century and The Pit live

In Vancouver on March 4th at the Cellar crowds were treated to an evening consisting of six bands: Bad Johnny Law, The Alaska, Exer, Fanaticus, 22nd Century and The Pit competing for the chance to win promo for their band on 99.3 The Fox. The Cellar with its brick and wood and dark intimate setting provided the perfect venue for a kick ass night of rock, metal and punk.

            The show started off a bit slow. Some of the bands looked as if they had hardly graduated high school and many sounded like they had only played in their parents garage. However, the enthusiasm and heart with which they played renewed my faith that there still are true rockers out there and music has budding stars that I am sure I will see again.  One band even had an impromptu mosh pit form on the, typical Vancouver, empty dance floor. Exer really stood out to me there sound was great and they really meshed well on stage together. I will be keeping tabs on these guys.

            Just when you thought you knew what the rest of the show would be like, 22nd Century took the stage. In true seasoned punk rocker form they rocked from the first chord. Duane Chaos (photo), in his weathered leather jacket, had restrung his base with glow-in-the-dark green strings. Tim, to the sound of a screaming crowd, took off all his cloths and played only in his boxers for their song Teenage Underwear Model. The culmination of 22nd Century’s set had to be their finally where Duane, dedicated the song, Fuck You by the Subhumans, to all promoters who use start up bands, like the ones who played tonight, to make money without giving anything to the bands themselves. I was impressed!  22nd Century has the balls to stand up help the younger generations of musicians who naiveté often makes them perfect bait for bad promoters.

            After 22nd Century finished the last band The Pit added the cherry to the cake that was Vancouver sessions 2.0. Without missing a beat they picked up the rocking where 22nd Century and all the other bands left off. They got the dance floor to start to fill up with head banging songs. All in all I would say it was a rocking night that left me with a smile on my face and sore body from dancing. Vancouver is the no fun city no more!   

- Foxy Handler

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

CCMA Showcase Opportunity (via Music BC)

This year, Canadian Music Week promises just as much music and education as ever, but with a welcomed increase in country presence. The 2011 festivities, to take place in Toronto, Ontario, bring four country music showcases to music enthusiasts worldwide. For more information on the below shows, or other Canadian Music Week events, please visit

Friday, 25 February 2011

Kamloops CFBX 92.5 top 30 list for Feb 25 2011

1) Rural Alberta Advantage* - Departing (Paper Bag)
2) Les Jupes* - Modern Myths (Head in the Sand)
3) Chikita Violenta - Tre3s (Arts and Crafts)
4) Friends Electric* - External Feelings (Independent)
5) The Decemberists - The King is Dead (Capitol)
6) Brazilian Money* - Friendly Neighbour EP (Independent)
7) Garth Hudson/Various Artists* - A Canadian Celebration of the Band (Sony)
8) Olympic Symphonium* - The City Won't Have Time to Fight (Forward)
9) Prince Perry and the Gladtones* - Whatever You Can Get Away With EP (Winterbeard)
10) My Dad vs. Yours* - Little Symphonies (Independent)
11) Living Illusion* - Suffering (Independent)
12) Porkbelly Futures* - The Crooked Road (Cordova Bay)
13) Oren Barter** - Written All Over Me (Independent)
14) Laura Peek* - Key (Just Friends)
15) Josh Taerk* - Never Look Back (Independent)
16) 22nd Century* - Where's Howie? (Bugnut)
17) Braids* - Native Speaker (Flemish Eye)
18) Social Distortion - Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes (Epitaph)
19) A.S.H.** - No Looking Back (Independent)
20) Gonjasufi - The Caliph's Tea Party (Warp)
21) Esben and the Witch - Violet Cries (Matador)
22) Iron and Wine - Kiss Each Other Clean (Warner)
23) Shaun Murphy - Trouble with Lovin' (Serenity Hill)
24) Samiam - Orphan Works (No Idea)
25) Black Mastiff* - Black Mastiff EP (Independent)
26) The Concerns of Royalty* - The Concerns of Royalty (Independent)
27) Alicia Hansen* - Fractography (Independent)
28) Money in the Banana Stand* - There's Always... (Bird Law)
29) Kate and Anna McGarrigle* - Odditties (Querbservice)
30) Odel* - Redemption (Ohm Grown)

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A list of Vancouver FM radio stations

89.3 fm Vancouver Tourist Radio

90.1 fm - CJSF broadcasts from Simon Fraser University

90.9 fm - CBUX is a French language station that carries Radio-Canada's Espace Musique network in Vancouver. Programs focus on classical, jazz, world and Francophone music.

93.1 fm - CKYE broadcasts ethnic music and talk radio, the majority of which is heard in Hindi and Punjabi. Topics range from world news and social issues to popular culture. Includes some English, Serbian, Hungarian and Polish programming.

93.7 fm - JR-FM is Vancouver's station for current country hits. Play lists include artists such as Garth Brooks, the Dixie Chicks and Tim McGraw.

94.5 fm - The Beat is a one-time urban and R&B station that now leans towards current Top 40 pop hits.

95.3 fm - Z-95 - Virgin Radio features an Adult Top 40 format that includes artists such as Christina Aguilera, Pink, Nickelback, Black Eyed Peas and Green Day.

96.1 fm - CHKG is a multicultural station that broadcasts multilingual programming focusing on a wide variety of cultures, primarily Chinese

96.9 fm - Jack FM plays a variety of rock and pop hits, mostly from the seventies, eighties and nineties, along with some more current selections.

97.7 fm - CBUF is French language station that broadcasts the programming of Radio-Canada's La Premiere Chaine news and information network in Vancouver.

99.3 fm - The Fox is currently the only place on the dial for modern and alternative rock, along with harder classic rock and metal. There are also shows focusing on punk and independent music.

100.5 fm - The Peak: World Class Rock

101.1 fm - Rock 101 is Vancouver's classic rock station and home of the popular Bro Jake Show, heard weekday mornings.

101.9 fm - CiTR Broadcasting from the University of British Columbia and operated by students and community volunteers, offers an eclectic selection of music, news, arts and sports programming.

102.7 fm - CO-OP is a community radio station established in 1975 by Vancouver activist groups. It broadcasts public affairs, a wide variety of music, social and cultural content, as well as multilingual programming.

103.5 fm - QMFM plays an assortment of soft rock and pop favorites by artists such as Elton John, Madonna, Sarah McLachlan and Santana.
104.3 fm - Shore104 plays roots, rock and rhythm with an emphasis on new, emerging and Canadian. No station in a box here, Shore104 was built from the ground up and has a playlist 4 times that of most Canadian stations. Try it out.

104.9 fm - 104.9 fm Greatest Hits of All Time.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Kamloops CFBX FM 92.5 top 30 list for Feb 18

1) ½ a Quorum** - Motion Carried (Independent)
2) Al Brant* - Wide Open (Independent)
3) Les Jupes* - Modern Myths (Head in the Sand)
4) Lynn Jackson* - Coming Down (Busted Flat)
5) The Weirdies* - Volatile (Independent)
6) Ryan Van Belleghem* - Another Man (Independent)
7) Garth Hudson/Various Artists* - A Canadian Celebration of the Band (Sony)
8) T-Model Ford - Taledragger (Alive Natural)
9) !!! - Strange Weather, Isn't It? (Warp)
10) Michael Rault* - Ma-Me-O (Pirates Blend)
11) Rebel Emergency* - Love Ain't Free (Independent)
12) Afrocubism - Afrocubism (Nonesuch)
13) Bill Bourne* - Radio Free Dance Band (Twelve Point)
14) Oren Barter** - Written All Over Me (Independent)
15) Laura Peek* - Key (Just Friends)
16) Samiam - Orphan Works (No Idea)
17) Zoey Wren* - Make Me a River (Wren)
18) Jenn Grant* - Honeymoon Punch (Six Shooter)
19) The Decemberists - The King is Dead (Capitol)
20) Braids* - Native Speaker (Flemish Eye)
21) Huey Lewis and the News - Soulsville (W.O.W.)
22) Brazilian Money* - Friendly Neighbour EP (Independent)
23) Gerry Hebert Quartet* - The Beatniq Sessions Vol. 3 (Plunge)
24) The Love Machine* - Sweater Weather (45 Records)
25) Secret Sisters - Secret Sisters (Beladroit)
26) Phantohms* - Pon Arrival (Independent)
27) Dog Day* - Concentration (Outside)
28) This Girl, That Boy* - Golden (Independent)
29) Josh Taerk* - Never Look Back (Independent)
30) The Nailheads* - People Killing People (Independent)