Friday, 18 March 2011

Vancouver Music News Japan Earthquake Victim Relief

Tonight (Friday March 18th) at the Rickshaw an event originally supposed to be a fun night of rocking has turning into a heart warming fundraiser for the relief effort in Japan. It started from one rocker, Darryl Stapleton guitarist for the RothChilds, asking What can we do as musicians?  This has now expanded into Phat Lizzy (consisting of members from 22nd Century and Jesus Krysler) and Eddy Dutchman of The Wally 's jumping into action by donating 100% of their pay for the night to the Canadian Red Cross Japanese Relief effort.

Each of the bands has a personal connection to the disaster most significantly Darryl Stapleton s ex-wife and significant other who are currently in Japan. All involved have been tirelessly working to get the message out and drum up as many attendees and donations as possible. When asked their views on the night Thin Lizzy tribute band Phat Lizzy, replied This generosity from musicians comes at what is notably the worst time financially to be in the industry. It impresses me to see the other bands so eager to give to their fellow human beings when live performances are one of the last remaining revenue streams for artists.

On a personal level this show hits close to home as my dear sister in-law is from Japan and her family still lives there. Watching her try and reach them with spotty communication and at times only having the tv reports to go by has lit a fire in my sole that drives me to help in anyway I can. I ask everyone to help in anyway they can and hope to see the Rickshaw filled to capacity tonight, the show will not disappoint.


Lineup and times:

Phat Lizzy + video shoot 11:55-12:30

The Melody Pimps 11 - 11:40

Radio Burnin 10:15 - 10:45

Loco Mosquitos 9:30 - 10

Covergirl 8:45 - 9:15

Fabulous Wallies 8:15 - 8:30
- Foxy Handler

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