Thursday, 17 March 2011

Review: Bad Johnny Law, The Alaska, Exer, Fanaticus, 22nd Century and The Pit live

In Vancouver on March 4th at the Cellar crowds were treated to an evening consisting of six bands: Bad Johnny Law, The Alaska, Exer, Fanaticus, 22nd Century and The Pit competing for the chance to win promo for their band on 99.3 The Fox. The Cellar with its brick and wood and dark intimate setting provided the perfect venue for a kick ass night of rock, metal and punk.

            The show started off a bit slow. Some of the bands looked as if they had hardly graduated high school and many sounded like they had only played in their parents garage. However, the enthusiasm and heart with which they played renewed my faith that there still are true rockers out there and music has budding stars that I am sure I will see again.  One band even had an impromptu mosh pit form on the, typical Vancouver, empty dance floor. Exer really stood out to me there sound was great and they really meshed well on stage together. I will be keeping tabs on these guys.

            Just when you thought you knew what the rest of the show would be like, 22nd Century took the stage. In true seasoned punk rocker form they rocked from the first chord. Duane Chaos (photo), in his weathered leather jacket, had restrung his base with glow-in-the-dark green strings. Tim, to the sound of a screaming crowd, took off all his cloths and played only in his boxers for their song Teenage Underwear Model. The culmination of 22nd Century’s set had to be their finally where Duane, dedicated the song, Fuck You by the Subhumans, to all promoters who use start up bands, like the ones who played tonight, to make money without giving anything to the bands themselves. I was impressed!  22nd Century has the balls to stand up help the younger generations of musicians who naiveté often makes them perfect bait for bad promoters.

            After 22nd Century finished the last band The Pit added the cherry to the cake that was Vancouver sessions 2.0. Without missing a beat they picked up the rocking where 22nd Century and all the other bands left off. They got the dance floor to start to fill up with head banging songs. All in all I would say it was a rocking night that left me with a smile on my face and sore body from dancing. Vancouver is the no fun city no more!   

- Foxy Handler

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