Thursday, 7 July 2011

My Own Chaos - A Westcoast Staple

My Own Chaos is a Vancouver based metal band that mixes traditional metal with thrash and straight ahead rock. This band formed in 2008 by the duo of vocalist Connie Chaos (no relation to Duane Chaos) and guitarist Oleg Za.  The heavy influences of their previous experiences in Sister Sababath can be heard mixed with fresh energy brought on by the addition of bass player Eric Wolf (Infernal Majesty) and guitarist Alex Dubreuil.

The recording of "Hella Good" betrays the bands heavy influences.  Make no mistake about it.  My Own Chaos is not here to push out music that has been done.  Our first impression was one of Rob Zombie meets Motorhead with Blondie screaming into a rain barrel in a perfect mash of chaos, melody and a heavy, riff laden back line.  You will not fall asleep with this music playing.

Oleg's use of the 7 string guitar comes out well with lower toned, crushing guitar riffs that blend seamlessly with Connie's voice.   The production is right in the sweet spot, not too over-produced yet full enough to allow the listener to hear the subtle distinctions that augment the main melodies.  This textured, layered approach is a similar model to the way JR's vocals blended with Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones riffs yet modernized with the heavier sound and faster tempos.

Check out the band's website and tour dates on their home page.

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