Thursday, 7 February 2013

Entropia's Crimson Empire (Review)

We could write over 2500 words and it would not relay the depth of this masterpiece.   So before you read the review, listen to the music.

Good listen? Now when your body is able to be still again, you will realize this is by far the best work from Vancouver's Entropia (  We've seen this band many times and have followed them from the days of their first album Disciples of Agression through to the Electric Circus.  With the beginning of the third CD the band is finding it's own sound and has truly solidified as a unit.

Darin Wall plays a thundering bass at speeds that would frighten hummingbirds.   Angus's vocals have the ability to range from the melodic Rob Halford to the most guttural crunge (we had to invent a word to describe it).  Dave Watson and company fill in the rest of the band with a deep talent pool.  Despite the complexity of their music, this is not a typical metal band that stands on stage.  Entropia delivers live  with a vigor and energy second to none.

Back to Crimson empire, the band clearly stems from early Iron Maiden influences yet has found their own sound.   By the time a band has settled in to a third album this is to be expected and the staying power is a testament to their strong will and dedication.  In our opinion, this will be one of the best releases in 2013.  A solid 9.5/10 for this track.

To compare from earlier Entropia, watch the video Ashes below.



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